Monday, July 30, 2012

Texas Tea Party Leaders Unite To Dispute Claims of Support for Dewhurst

Dallas, TX –Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, brought together Texas Tea Party leaders today in Dallas to reject claims that Dewhurst has obtained tea party support. Tea Party leaders from all over Texas signed the attached letter.

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said, “Over the past month, the Dewhurst campaign has waged one of the most offensive and misleading political smear campaigns of this election cycle. In the past week Dewhurst has doubled down by claiming support from the tea party. Tomorrow will be an unquestionable exhibition of statewide grassroots Tea Party support to the contrary.

“Dewhurst is right to believe the tea party will be the deciding factor in tomorrow’s election, but unfortunately for him, that support is with Ted Cruz. We are going to stand together and show David Dewhurst just what tea party support looks like!

“This showing of support will also aim to combat some of Dewhurst’s most appalling distortions. After traveling through the state over this past week, it has been evident that Dewhurst’s dishonest campaigning must be addressed.

“What today will be about is bringing together the most influential tea party leaders in the state to share their reasons why Ted Cruz is the strongest and most qualified candidate in tomorrow’s runoff election,” Kremer concluded.

Photos from this morning's event

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Shameful Dewhurst Attack Ads

Below is part of an email I received from Heidi Cruz, the wife of Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Texas Ted Cruz. Voters expect candidates to distort each others record to gain political advantage but the attacks of the Dewhurst campaign are of another sort altogether. Lt Governor David Dewhurst has chosen to use his sizable personal fortune to run the most outlandish FALSE disgraceful negative attack ads maligning Ted Cruz's patriotism and accusing him of being responsible for the death of a child. Fortunately, many in Texas share my outrage and are supporting Ted Cruz as a result. If you are a Texas Republican voter and you are on the fence, please vote for Ted Cruz if for no other reason than to send a message to politicians that we want them to focus on serious issues. Given the urgent need to repeal Obamacare, cut spending and start paying down our debt, voters should expect nothing less!

Dear EyeOnFreedom,

Down in the polls and grasping at straws, the Dewhurst Attack Machine is getting more and more vicious. The leading Dewhurst Super PAC—which is run by Dewhurst’s former chief of staff and campaign manager—just began airing a despicable, false ad about my husband Ted that one commentator called the nation’s “nastiest ad of the campaign cycle.”

Dewhurst is using the suffering of a grieving mother to try to blame Ted for the death of her son. But Ted had nothing—absolutely nothing—to do with the criminal proceedings surrounding that juvenile prison scandal, and Dewhurst knows it. The attack is a lie.

As a mother of two young girls, my heart weeps for this mother who lost her son. But I am repulsed by a desperate politician willing to exploit her grief to try to falsely claim, in the final days of the campaign, that Ted is responsible for killing children.

Texans are tired of Dewhurst’s desperate lies about Ted.


Heidi Cruz

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dewhurst Amnesty and Spending Speech

The missing Dewhurst amnesty speech is back online and available for download. A few observations:

(1) Ted Cruz was correct at the Belo Texas Senate debate when he said David Dewhurst's amnesty position goes beyond that of Barack Obama. Dewhurst "support[s] a guest worker program for those here today illegally." That means every man, woman and child including, presumably, criminal drug traffickers after they finish serving their prison sentences.

(2) Dewhurst continues. "I want to build a system where all immigrants from anywhere can come out of the shadows and be full participants in everything good Texas has to offer." Presumably, this includes access to Texas public education including subsidized tuition at Texas public universities, Medicaid benefits, Social Security benefits and the like. Are Texans prepared to pay higher taxes to subsidize the cost of these privileges of citizenship for illegal aliens?

(3) In addition to immigration, Dewhurst talks proudly about bringing home the bacon for the South Texas community he was visiting. "In 2005 I instructed our Senate Finance Committee to invest over $800 million more in higher education. In May of last year with Senator Zaffirini the two of us with the House wrote a bill to invest $1.9 billion in new university construction.
And yes it appears that Texas A&M International received a disproportionate share. I wonder why?!"

(4) Dewhurst talks about fighting to INCREASE spending, yes INCREASE! "Politics is a team sport and with friends and allies like Senator Zaffirini in 2003 when the House wanted to cut $500 million from higher education I said, "Over my dead, cold body" and we restored the money."

There is a reason the Tea Party movement has been successful at driving out big spending politicians of all political stripes. People are tired of an ever growing government and the demands it places on individuals and the economy writ large. People want to elect politicians who will treat the government's money as if it is their own. Even if one wants to allow some or all illegal aliens to stay and work in this country if they have committed no OTHER crime, as residence without citizenship or a visa is a crime, do we really want to afford the privileges of citizenship to those who are not citizens? If we go down that road, what is the value of citizenship?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is Mitt Romney GOP Hope and Change? Why we need Ted Cruz more than ever!

What makes Americans different from citizens of other nations? Though we are a multicultural multiethnic society, we value freedom above all else. It is what brought my ancestors escaping religious persecution in Eastern Europe a century ago, it is what brought Ted Cruz’s father escaping political persecution in Castro’s Cuba, and it is what caused our nation’s Founding Fathers to declare their independence from King George more than two centuries earlier.

A thirst for freedom is what binds Americans. It is that very freedom that is under assault today. Freedom is under assault by the Alinskyites in the White House and their allies in Congress. Freedom is under assault by the Supreme Court which declared the federal government had unlimited power to coerce behavior through taxation. Freedom is under assault as well by some in the so-called opposition in Washington. Those with the power to fight but who stand idly by while the Left runs roughshod over our freedom are equally culpable. Without a willingness to fight for freedom by those in position to do so, we might as well kiss our freedom goodbye. It is because the Republican Party has seen fit to nominate an individual for President whose willingness to fight for liberty is questionable at best, that we need to ensure that we elect Representatives and Senators like Ted Cruz who have demonstrated a passion to fight for liberty and preserve our freedom.

Mitt Romney is at best, politely, a squishy Republican. Romney skewered Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry for “having a heart” on immigration during the primary campaign. Since then, Romney has backtracked his strong support for border enforcement and enforcing existing immigration law in response to President Obama’s grant of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. This must be Mitt Romney’s Etch-A-Sketch at work that his advisor spoke so proudly of.

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling, Mitt Romney pledged repeal claiming the law to be “bad policy”. A number of Republican Congressional candidates have released statements professing “respectful disagreement” with the Court’s ruling. Since then, Romney has refused to call the Obamacare mandate a tax worrying that Democrats will label his Romneycare mandate a tax. Mitt Romney defended the virtue of the Massachusetts health insurance mandate during the 2008 Presidential campaign. During the 2012 primary season, Romney continued to defend Romneycare as a product of state sovereignty. Without defending the virtue of implementing his plan in Massachusetts, Romney merely stated that it was Massachusetts’ prerogative to do so. While swearing his fidelity to full repeal of Obamacare, Romney claimed as late as December, 2011 that he would “keep the good parts” and “repeal the bad parts” of Obamacare. Not a full week after the Supreme Court ruling and after collecting over $4 million in online donations, Team Romney seeks to declare a “cease fire” in the fight over Obamacare.

Obamacare is not merely “bad policy,” it is an affront to personal liberty! Like Romneycare, Obamacare injects the government in private health decisions. Like Romneycare, Obamacare subordinates the free exercise of religion placing the state’s interest above that of citizens and religious institutions. Like Romneycare, costs will inevitably skyrocket and rationing will inevitably occur. Both Obamacare and Romneycare are not just “bad policy”, they are an affront to liberty! Rather than admit that he made a mistake in Massachusetts that he does not want to revisit on the nation, Romney gets weighed down in the semantics of whether his policy is a tax and clings stubbornly to his argument that Massachusetts has the sovereignty to make its own choices. While technically that may be true, Romney has never been asked to defend why his plan was a good idea for Massachusetts while it would have been a bad one for a neighboring state.

Further, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell jumped into the fray by stating his belief that Obamacare would be difficult to repeal. While that may be true as a technical matter, there was no sentence that followed indicating that the job would be made much easier by electing strong Constitutional conservatives to the U.S. Senate like Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz has demonstrated a passion for taking on the GOP establishment and has pledged to fight to repeal “every syllable of every word” of Obamacare. It is because of the prospect of a President Romney and Majority Leader McConnell that it is vitally important to elect a committed fighter like Ted Cruz to the U.S. Senate.

Further, while Republicans talk a good game regarding limiting the size and scope of the federal government, they have done neither despite winning the largest Congressional victory in the history of our Republic in 2010. While it is impossible to know with certainty how Senator Ted Cruz would legislate, given his enjoyment for challenging members of his own party and the irrepressible effort he has shown engaging grassroots conservative Tea Party groups, Ted Cruz would be less likely to fall prey to the seductress that is Washington, DC tax and spend culture.

Finally, there is the issue of tax policy. Under immense pressure to craft a tax reform plan and having failed to do so to that point, Mitt Romney released his tax reform plan during the runup to the Michigan primary. Unlike the plans of every other Republican Presidential candidate, the House budget plan crafted by Paul Ryan which Mitt Romney claims to endorse, and the budget plan released by the Republican Study Committee, Mitt Romney’s plan preserves the progressive nature of the Internal Revenue Code. While the entire Republican Party was moving toward a flatter tax code that removed preferences for directed economic activity, Mitt Romney is intent on preserving the Internal Revenue Code to the greatest degree possible.

Mitt Romney proposed an across the board 20% rate cut in order to preserve the “progressivity” of the code, Mitt’s word and a funny one for someone claiming to be a conservative. While 20% seems like a large cut, that is in fact only a 7% cut at most as 20% of the highest income bracket is 7%. Unfortunately, this is another area where Mitt Romney proves he is not a conservative. Most conservatives justify the lowering and flattening of the Internal Revenue Code as a way to stimulate economic growth believing that some cuts will pay for themselves as more income is earned and more net tax is paid as a result. History has proven conservatives correct. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney chooses not to believe history and instead offers to “pay” for his tax cuts by lowering or eliminating the deductions for mortgage interest and state and local income and property taxes. Ignoring that the deduction for state and local income and property tax was established to prevent the DOUBLE TAXATION on income by both the state and federal governments, and further ignoring that reducing or eliminating the deduction for mortgage interest would destroy an already severely depressed housing market as home values would plummet since potential buyers would be unable to deduct their mortgage interest, most states and municipalities exact an aggregate tax that is higher than 7%. 

In other words, what Mitt Romney would give with one hand and take away with the other would result in a net tax INCREASE for many Americans. Even if the increase affected a small segment of the population at the upper end of the income scale, Republicans have gone on record stating their opposition to a tax increase on anyone because the upper end of the income scale includes many small business owners. In other words, Mitt Romney would be asking Republican Congressional legislators to go back on their pledge not to raise taxes on small business. This is yet another reason why it is important to elect conservative fighters who are opposed to tax increases and will fight members of their own party including a newly elected President who try and impose one through the backdoor.

While I intend to vote for Mitt Romney as President Obama has set the bar so low by demonstrating his fidelity to imposing his Marxist vision on the United States, Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he is hardly the champion of liberty that the conservative movement, which swept Republicans into office in record numbers in 2010, hungers for. Consequently, it is more important than ever to elect Representatives and Senators like Ted Cruz who will hold a President Romney’s feet to the fire. Ted cannot do it alone. He needs the help of Richard Mourdock in Indiana, Josh Mandel in Ohio, Don Stenberg in Nebraska, Zach Poskevich in Tennessee and many others. As Ted Cruz has said, “liberty is never safer than when politicians are scared.” Without men like Ted Cruz, Katie bar the door!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In honor of the patriots who gave their last full measure of devotion for freedom

Below are observations from my visit to Arlington National Cemetery.
The first impression that hits you when visiting Arlington National Cemetery is its vastness. Divided into 70 sections, spanning over 600 acres and interring almost 300,000 American servicemen and women, it is impossible to take in from any one vantage point.
Arlington is very park-like and serene. Though populated with officers corps initially, this is very much a people’s cemetery with officers interred beside enlisted men. I came upon the grave of a former Secretary of the Army and a Bronze Star recipient buried beside enlisted men with a standard tombstone adorned with a cross.
Arlington is very much an active cemetery holding around 100 funerals per week. I passed a family singing Happy Birthday and celebrating the birthday of their loved one, and a woman sitting quietly in a beach chair in the rain spending time with her loved one.
There is a series of long roads that begin at the base of the cemetery and wind their way to the apex of a steep hill where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier rests. Engraved on the mausoleum is the inscription, “Here Rests In Honored Glory An American Soldier Known But To God,” acknowledgment that we are a religious nation at our core who take comfort in God in times of sadness and loss. Behind the tomb is a small museum which contains Medals of Honor for unknown soldiers fallen during World Wars I and II and the Korean and Vietnam wars.
The vastness of Arlington and the totality of the sacrifice is what imbues the visit with meaning. Whether fighting the Axis powers in World War II, 20th century communism or the Islamo-Fascists of the 21st century, every American interred at Arlington is united in his love of country and the freedom we hold dear. The totality of this awe-inspiring devotion should inspire the rest of us to fight every effort to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into something other than the freedom loving constitutional republic that we adore. We owe it to the men and women who rest here and their families who have sacrificed the unimaginable.
There are a number of pictures which accompany this post.